3 Gutter Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

With summer here, so is the threat of thunderstorms and torrential rains in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. With all the rain, you must wonder how well your gutters are in terms of working properly. Do you have gutter repairs that are needed? Do you need new drainage and want excellent gutter installation? When was the last time your gutters were cleaned? If you are in need of any of these answers, then look no further! In this short guide, you will be informed of the top three gutter cleaning mistakes to avoid.

  1. Power washing gutters

One of the mistakes individuals make when cleaning their gutters on their own is power washing the gutters. You would think this would be a perfect idea because the pressure will blast the grime and sediment off and out of the gutters. This is true, but the pressure from the machine will also blast your gutters right off the side of the house. Then you will need professional gutter installation services to retrieve and recover them as well as place them back up on the house and make sure they are functioning properly.

If you are going to power wash your roof and gutters, make sure you have the setting on the machine dialed to low-level pressure to avoid any damage. One way to avoid this potential hassle is to call a professional gutter company that performs cleaning and other gutter services to clean out your drainage system for you.

  1. Lack of maintenance to gutters

Another huge mistake that is made by homeowners with their gutters is the lack of maintenance to the gutters. If people do not have time to do tasks around the house, most of the time they will call a handyman who can perform tasks such as exterior painting, HVAC maintenance, roofing fixes, simple remodeling, power washing, chimney repair, and gutter repairs.

Some homeowners do not perform the task, and they do not hire it out, so the tasks never get done. This can cause deterioration with gutters as they not only get clogged with leaves and other natural fall foliage, but they can become loose from the weight of the rain and debris in the troughs. Make sure to clean your gutters every season and if you cannot or are too busy, make sure to call a professional gutter services company to perform these maintenance tasks for you to keep your gutters in proper working condition.

  1. Cleaning in the wrong manner 

The last mistake that people make when scrubbing their gutters is cleaning and repairing them the wrong way. Is there a wrong way? Yes, there sure is. As a homeowner, there is no reason that you should be laying on your belly on your roof while digging leaves and other debris out of your gutters. This is not a safe way to perform this task. You could easily injure yourself in this position by straining your muscles or even worse, falling off the roof! Another serious mistake to avoid is to clean the gutters alone. Make sure you have an assistant that can hold the ladder for you and bring you any needed items. Safety should always come first!

If you do not have anyone who can assist you with the cleaning of your gutters, make sure to call a professional gutter services company to assist you in maintaining your gutters.

As you can see, some mistakes can be made when cleaning your gutters. You want to make sure you have any gutter repairs made as soon as you notice a problem. If your gutters are starting to fall off your home, you need to have professional gutter installation performed to correct the problem and prevent it from ever happening again. If you follow our advice on the top three gutter cleaning mistakes to avoid, you will have the cleanest and most efficient gutter drainage system in all of Cincinnati!