5 Reasons Gutter Cleaning Will Lead to a Better Home in 2018

gutter cleaningIf you live in the Cincinnati, Ohio region, you know how harsh the weather can be on any given day. The weather can affect both the outside and the inside of your home. With the start of another new year, it is essential for you to keep up on your gutter cleaning for a variety of reasons. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top five reasons cleaning your gutters will lead to a better home in 2018!

1. Your home will be safer and protected from damage

In the summer we perform power washing to keep the grime off the siding and to keep the house looking healthy. In the fall we need to make sure we are cleaning out the gutters to protect your home from damage. If you have a new home, you do not want to have to spend the money on remodeling or repair costs due to clogged gutters. If you do not like heights or do not have a ladder, call a local handyman to clean the gutters out for you. It will keep your home safe secure for years to come.

2. Gutter cleaning will prevent foundation issues

Surprisingly, your gutters can keep your home safe from shifting and other ground issues. If the gutters have not been cleaned regularly, the troughs can become clogged, and the water will overflow onto the ground near the foundation and HVAC causing unlevel land. This can be scary as the added wetness can damage the foundation causing it to shift and your basement to start to crumble. Make sure to clean those gutters out quarterly at a minimum.

3. No roof leaks

Another advantage of gutter cleaning your home’s trough is to prevent future damage to your roof. Roofs take the brunt of the weather on a house. Snow and ice seem to be the worst offender to a roof. Snow and ice will sit on the roof and on a warm day it will all start to melt. This rapidly melting water has to have somewhere to go. The snow will cause leaks to occur around the flashing, chimney, and anywhere there may be missing or cracked shingles, especially if the gutters are plugged. Make sure to inspect your attic often for any leaking from the roof.

4. Mold growth will not occur

One of the biggest worries that homeowners face is that of mold growth. When the troughs are clogged and gutter cleaning has not occurred in a long while, the gutters won’t function correctly and the snow that is currently falling in the winter will sit on the roofing area and melt into the troughs. If the channels are plugged the snowpack can cause seepage into a cracked or missing shingle and moisture will get into your home. This dampness allows mold to grow and spread causing problems for your home as well as your family. Clean your gutters out regularly so the snow can melt and drain and no mold can grow.

5. Your home will be aesthetically pleasing

Troughs and downspouts that are working correctly not only function well by diverting the rainwater from your house, but they also maintain a clean and straightforward look to your home that is visually pleasing. By cleaning out the troughs often, you will not have unsightly leaves, twigs, seedpods, and other debris overflowing from your drainage system; instead, it will look well cared for.

As you can see, gutter cleaning serves a vital purpose when it comes to maintaining your home and keeping it in good condition. By cleaning out the gutters in a timely fashion, you will forgo mold growth, leaking roofs, foundation issues, and your home will be safer as well as nice to look at. If you follow our advice on the top five reasons cleaning your gutters will lead to a better home in 2018, you will have a great beginning to your new year!