It can be easy to let gutter repair and cleaning slip through the cracks. Since clogged rain gutters are not easily visible, you may be pushing off this task -- until it's too late. When a sudden rain storm causes your gutters to overflow, other parts of your home may suffer as well. Use this guide to understand the real risk of clogged gutters and what you can do to prevent this mishap in the future.

How Clogged Gutters Can Impact The Rest Of Your Home

    • Basement Flooding: When water pools at the bottom of your foundation, it can leak into the basement and cause flooding. This is true when you neglect to clean and fix gutters.


    • Siding Damage: When your gutters can't properly hold water, it can overflow onto the side of your home. This can slowly cause your siding to erode or even rot.


    • Mold Growth: Water collecting at any part of your home's exterior can cause mold to grow. If it later spreads, your family may experience health problems.


  • Soil Erosion: Overflowed water will likely get into your gardens, causing the dirt to erode. This can dislodge your plants and disrupt the mineral content of your soil.

How To Prevent Gutter Overflow
Gutter repair and cleaning is the best way to keep your gutters clear of debris. These clean gutters will then clear water the way they are supposed to, guiding it through your downspouts rather than down the sides of your home. With this said, be sure to keep your downspouts clear as well. How often should this be done? Most professionals agree that cleaning your gutters and downspouts twice per year is enough to prevent serious blockages. And again, call someone who can fix gutters whenever they are damaged.

To ensure that your gutters are cleaned properly and safely, hire a professional to do the job. This is also true whenever you need to order a gutter repair service or a full replacement. By having your gutters cleaned and repaired, you can rest easy that the job is being done. This will keep your home's exterior functional for years to come, keeping your family comfortable.

If you need a new roof on your home, it is recommended that you have it installed before cleaning and repairing your gutters because this work may leave debris such as nails and scrap shingles in your gutters.