One of the most important responsibilities of a homeowner is to make sure that your home is structurally sound and taken care of. You may not realize this, but the gutters are a vital piece of a home’s systematic puzzle. Gutter cleaning can be a daunting chore for some. It is not, however, uncommon for this simple process to be ignored altogether. With that being said, keeping them clear and in good working order is absolutely essential to the upkeep of any building.  

Foundation and Concrete Damage  

Foundation damage is the biggest issue that you can run into when you neglect your gutter system. Water will collect at the base of your home causing the surrounding soil to soften and crack the foundation. The large amounts of water that comes from overflowing gutters will inevitably work its way through the structure and into your basement. This flooding could potentially lead to water damage, black mold, and unwanted smells.  

On top of that, the running water can damage any surrounding concrete. Concrete is resilient but not damage-proof. The large quantities of water will absorb into the crevices and wash away minerals. This will result in the concrete crumbling away and cracking. Of course, there is no fool proof way to keep your driveway and surrounding concrete completely dry but the more water that comes in contact; the faster the deteriorating process occurs. Gutter cleaning can drastically slow this process.

Rotting Fascia and Soffit 

Unbeknownst to some, water will remain in your clogged gutters even if it is not raining. You will notice your gutters start sag from not being secure. The fasteners will become loose because of the weight of the wet debris.   The moisture from overflowing and trapped water will cause your fascia and soffit to rot. Once this begins to rot, it will spread to other areas on the home and create an easy access point for rodents to enter the premise.  


Rodents will not be your only infestation problem from abandoning your gutters. The damp debris is the perfect environment for bugs such as termites and other wood eating insects. Any changes in weather will draw the insects inside where they will begin to infest your home. These pests can cause more damage than one would imagine. Gutter cleaning keeps the water flowing and eliminates any nests that might form.


To some, the yard is the gem of the whole home. When your gutters are overflowing, the rushing water will wash away plants and destroy the landscape. The water will expose the topsoil since the roots of the dead plants are no longer helping hold it in place. If left eroding for long enough, ditches will be created where the water is falling.  

Gutter cleaning is not always convenient but it is necessary. Take the steps to prevent these problems from occurring and ask us professionals for help.