We care for your lawn so that you can care for the more important things.

When presented with the opporunity to add lawn care to their list of services, the Gutter Boys leapt at it.  Loyal Green has been in Northern Kentucky for nearly 10 years!  They have a reliable team and an impresssive reputation, just like Cincy Gutter Boys and Kings of Clean.

Check out Loyal Green's services below or visit them at myloyalgreenlawn.com


Lawn Mowing

Our professional, reliable lawn mowing service will leave you impressed and your lawn immaculate.

Seeding & Aerating

Aerating breaks up compated soil and grass, making it easier for seed to grow.

Lawn Treatments

Our lawn treatment program will get you results, without excessive chemicals.

Perimeter Pest Control

We will keep your home bug free with our environmentally friendly insectictide products.

Flower Bed Weed Control

We pull and spray weeds as needed while we are mowing or treating your lawn.