3 Common Issues Your Gutters May Face

Winter is upon us, but are your gutters ready? We rely on our gutters for a lot, including draining water from the roof and keeping it out of our homes. Without rain gutters, a number of problems might pop up. One inch of rainfall doesn't sound like a lot; however, when it falls on an average-size roof, it adds up to a 1,900-gallon torrent sluicing off the eaves.

Just as it's important to keep your gutters working throughout the year, it's extremely important to understand the issues that may arise during the winter. There are many different things that the cooler weather might cause. Let's take a look at a few of them.


Icicles are a familiar sight when the snow starts to fall and the winter temperatures arrive. If there are any blockages that cause water to overflow, icicles will form on the gutters and dangle from the roof. Not only are icicles annoying to look at, but they can also cause some serious health issues. If an icicle were to fall off the gutter and hit someone, there's a chance that that person would be seriously injured, and may even die. They can even cause serious damage to your roof and gutters if they become too heavy and break off. Allowing icicles to form may cause you to have to deal with gutter replacement or gutter repair, something a homeowner may not want to deal with come spring or summer.

A Ton of Snow

It's important to have your gutters cleaned on a regular basis, especially if you live in an area of high snow levels. Gutters aren't able to hold heavy snow, so it's important to keep them cleaned out daily to prevent them from bending, snapping, cracking, or being damaged in any other ways.

Ice Dams

Much like icicles, the water can freeze and cause blockages in the gutters. The blockages could cause backups and other potential home-damaging problems. Like snow and icicles, if the ice dams get to be too heavy, they can cause serious damage and force you to replace gutters. If you're not looking to replace gutters, keep them clean during the winter.

Ultimately, it is essential to keep your gutters in great condition all year round. However, if you do need to repair or replace gutters now or come springtime, give us a call!