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4 Ways Gutter Cleaning will Extend  the Life of Your Roof

You have just purchased a home in Cincinnati, Ohio. You want to take good care of this home so it will last a lifetime and can be passed down to future generations of family. Your gutters are in disrepair and are packed full of leaves and twigs and other debris. Should you perform gutter cleaning, gutter repair, or have them removed entirely? Should you complete new gutter installation? Are gutters useful for anything other than when it rains? In this short guide, you will be informed of the top four reasons clean gutters will extend the life of your roof.

1. Stops moisture

The presence of your home's roofing can be extended immensely by regular gutter cleanings. A clean gutter allows the rainwater to flow smoothly into the trough, which is then whisked down the downspout and away from the foundation and HVAC of the home. If you have clogged gutters that are full of debris from overhanging trees, the water does not drain properly and can remain on the roof, soaking into the wood below or into the siding, which meets the roof. Moisture can cause wood rot as well as mold and cause problems with your chimney where you may need chimney repair. To keep your roof in perfect condition, make sure to clean out your gutters often.

2. Prevent ice dams

In the cold Ohio winters, snow piles up on the roof. You then have a warmer day, and the snow starts melting. This ice melt runs down the roof and into the trough. If the gutter is packed full of leaves, seeds, or twigs, the water has nowhere to go, and an ice dam can develop. The partially melted snow sits on the roof causing extra weight and strain to the roof. It can cause leaking, wood rot, mold, and other roof issues, including issues with your exterior painting. To prevent ice dams in the winter, make sure to clean out your gutters in the fall or have new gutter installation completed.

3. Avert foliage

If your gutters are clean, they will not need gutter repair to them. The same goes for the roof. If you have fresh gutters, not only will your roof stay clean and damage free from the moisture, but it will also remain damage free from the lack of trees hanging over the roof causing uneven wear and tear. When you have overhanging trees and foliage on your roof, the roof can wear differently where you may need new shingles sooner in some spots or even remodeling performed on the roof. It also blocks sunlight that dries up excess moisture in the fall, which can leave your roof with mold and mildew growing on it. Make sure you remove all overhanging limbs to keep your roof in excellent working condition.

4. With proper use

When gutters are used correctly and gutter cleaning is performed regularly, your gutters can keep your roof looking brand new. Water will be able to flow off the roof without any problems and drain into the troughs. Without regular cleaning by a local handyman, yourself, or a professional gutter company, the gutters could start to sag or split at the seams causing damage to your roof area where they are attached.

As you can see, having clean gutters can save you a load of money in maintaining your home. Gutter installation is not needed if you are timely in gutter repair and gutter cleaning. Without gutters your foundation can tilt, your basement can get moldy, and your roof can age and need to be repaired or replaced. This is not a cost you want to spend. If you follow our advice on the top four ways clean gutters can extend the life of your roof, you will have a well-maintained home and a roof in excellent condition to pass on to future generations.