Gutter Guards: Yes or No?

Cleaning gutters is no fun and we all know it. For this very reason, gutter guards are becoming increasingly more popular. They are advertised as being able to prevent your gutters from getting clogged frequently with loose debris. However, there is an ongoing debate on whether or not gutter guards are really worth the expense and time to get them installed.  

Team Gutter Guard 

The sole purpose of gutter guards is to “guard” your gutters from debris, ultimately eliminating the need to clean your gutters frequently. This will cut down the amount you spend on cleaning your gutters multiple times a year. Gutter guards can be easily installed onto your existing gutters and prevent premature rust caused from moisture build up as well as keeping any critters out of there.  

This is beginning to become a standard for modern homes in today’s market. If a home does not have guards installed, a price reduction is often times called for. Homes with gutter guards are more valuable to future homeowners; partly because most like to move in without having to worry about the hassle.  

Team Anti-Guard 

As great as all of that sounds, there is no fool-proof way to keep your gutters clean forever. This is a common misconception. Even with guards, your gutters will still need to be maintained at least every other year to prevent damage.  

Although installing guards will strengthen your gutters against certain factors, they are prone to damage themselves. Even so much as a ladder leaning against your gutters can dent them. Keep in mind that just because a home has gutter protection does not mean that it is protected from weather damage, such as ice. Melting snow will freeze, creating icicles and causing the gutter guards to crack. 

All in all, each home is unique. What works for some may not work for another. Taking this into account, each side of this “debate” has valid reasons to hold their opinion. You know your home better than anyone. So, are gutter guards right for you? 

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