Gutter Hall of Fame: Seamless Gutters

Just a few weeks ago, the National Baseball Hall of Fame celebrated Hall of Fame weekend, with the annual induction ceremony. This had us thinking about the “Hall of Fame” of our business, that is some of the most important players in our game. That is, gutter styles and materials that help us make some of the best gutters in the business. So we thought we’d share this with you, our loyal customers and readers.

“Seamless” as a term can evoke a lot of different reactions. You may think of a “seamless transition” or the “Seamless performance.” So it’s understandable that Seamless gutters would need to be a step above your boring old fashioned gutter. What takes a seamless gutter into the next level is exactly what the name suggests. The seam of a standard sectional gutter is the weak point in its construction. The more common sectional gutter is constructed by taking sections of smaller gutter parts connected or trimmed to match the overall length of your roof edge. The seams this creates are opportunities for leaks and require regular patching. What’s more, these seams also create weaknesses that can assist with bursting when ice dams or storms subject them to unusual stress.

Seamless gutters though are created by extruding sheets of metal into customer gutters that match your property’s dimensions exactly. This ensures no waste and better yet no opportunities for the weaknesses that seams create. This severely reduces leaks and extends drastically the life of your gutters. This also means that the appearance of your home benefits from not needing as many unsightly joints and fasteners along your gutters. No seams also means fewer blockages in your gutters because the smooth seamless gutter interiors provide fewer opportunities for debris to build up.

There is a myth that occasionally gets repeated that seamless gutters require no maintenance. While this is definitely not true, maintenance is still occasionally required, it is not needed as often as it would be with a sectional gutter set up because of the previously mentioned fewer opportunities for blockages, as well as no need to patch up seams with sealant.

All these reasons explain why we consider seamless gutters to be a member of our “Hall of Fame” for the gutters business. Powerful players that can ensure your home is not only protected from water buildup, but provided with long term dependability and beautiful aesthetics. To learn more, call our professionals to learn what seamless gutters can do for you.

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