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Why Gutters and Gutter Cleaning Are Critical to Roof Maintenance

With the purchase of a new or used home in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, you need to be vigilant about keeping up with maintenance such as HVAC, exterior painting, and power washing. It should not be a shock then when gutter cleaning and gutter repairs need to be made in your home as well. Surprisingly, keeping your gutters maintained is one way to keep your roof in excellent condition. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top five reasons that gutters are critical to roof maintenance.

  1. Avoid water leaks

The most significant reason that gutters are essential in keeping your roof healthy and damage free is that they keep water off your roof. Water (rainwater, moisture, ice) is problematic for roofing material because it soaks through to the base structure of the roof deck. When water finds its way into your roof, you can have problems with how far the water has advanced into the home, as it is a tricky process to follow everywhere the moisture has spread. In addition, the moist environment causes mold and mildew to grow which can cause health issues for many people and their families.

  1. Prevent ice dams

Another great reason to perform gutter cleaning and gutter repairs are to keep your troughs free of debris. By doing so allows heavy snowfall to melt and drain into an empty trough. This keeps your roof clean and dry of snow and ice. If your troughs were left full of leaves, twigs, seeds, pods, and other fall debris, the ice that melts would not have anywhere to go, as the drain is not functioning correctly. This causes the heavy snow to melt and sit on the roof day after day freezing and then thawing repeatedly. This can be hard on a roof as the excess moisture can damage it and start to cause wood rot.

  1. Avoid structural damage

Gutters are critical to the health of the roof because they drain water properly off the home, into the downspouts and away from the house. This keeps your foundation nice and sturdy. If the gutters were clogged and overflowed, all that water would drain onto the land directly next to your home's foundation. This causes the framework to tilt. When this occurs, the whole structure of your home can be compromised including the roof. You would need to spend many dollars to correct the foundation by replacing or remodeling and your local handyman is not experienced enough for that task. Make sure to perform gutter cleaning on a regular basis to avoid any issues with the foundation.

  1. Prevention of problems

The last vital reason that gutters are essential to the health of your roof is due to the prevention of problems. It is always easier to prevent something from occurring that it is to fix the problem once it has happened. This includes problems such as water leaks and mold remediation. Make sure you are scheduling annual inspections for both the gutters and the roof to prevent any future issues.

As you can see, there are multiple reasons why gutter cleaning and gutter repairs are critical to your home's roof. Whether it is due to water leaks, ice dams, or structural damage, your gutters keep your roof in good working condition. If you follow our advice on the top reasons that gutters are critical for roof maintenance, you will have the best-maintained roof in all of Ohio!