3 Gutter Upgrades to Consider this Summer

With the rise of summer in the greater Cincinnati area, there are some specific risks that come for your gutters, and being prepared for those issues will keep your home in the best possible condition.


Summer storms 

Summer storms are not as common as the regular rains that come with spring, but they are typically more violent. High winds will directly abuse your gutters, pulling on the mounting and creating pressure on the fascia. With the push and pull of these high winds, gutters can become loose and start to sag. When the next storm comes along, if the issue hasn’t been addressed, those sagging gutters are more prone to catch the wind and sustain even more damage.Worse yet, while overall rainfall is lower in the summer, these heavy summer storms drop more water in a short period of time, which can put more water pressure on your gutters. If they haven’t been cleaned or they are loose due to wind damage, this high water pressure will cause even more damage. If you are unfortunate enough to have sectional gutters, you’ll find them to be particularly susceptible to this kind of damage, as they will be less firmly mounted and more likely to come apart then seamless gutters would.


Leaves, sticks, and other debris

With the summer heat, many species of trees here in the midwest begin to shed some excess matter. Flowers that bloomed in the spring have fallen from trees and other plants now that they have been pollinated. While the falling leaves of autumn are still a few months away, the brutal summer storms do remove some leaves and also knock loose twigs and branches. All of these together represent a fairly dense biological package that blocks and damages your home’s gutter system. Joints, seams, and downspouts of your gutters are especially at risk as they create opportunities for debris to get stuck and clogged, then leading to leaks. 


Regular gutter cleaning can help alleviate these concerns, but it is important that your gutters are also inspected to identify possible issues during that cleaning. While you might be able to complete the gutter cleaning on your own, sacrificing a significant amount of time and effort in the process, you may not have the necessary expertise to complete such and inspection. (Don’t feel bad, we probably couldn’t show up at your work and do your job either) Getting a gutter cleaning and inspection by the Cincy Gutter Boys team then is one of the best choices you can make for keeping your gutters, and your home, in good repair. Give us a call today!

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