3 Gutter Upgrades to Consider this Summer

Welcome to the Ohio River Valley where the weather is a constant surprise!  Natives to this area know that we can experience extreme swings in temperature and every possible season, often in the same week.  We’re so busy struggling to adapt as high winds, torrential rains, heavy ice, and snow wreak havoc, that we don’t always realize that our home’s exterior is working overtime to keep us safe from the elements.  Unfortunately, even the strongest of home exteriors can only take so much exposure and need care and maintenance to thrive.  Have you ever taken a moment to consider how each season impacts the health of your house’s gutter and downspout system?

Let’s begin with the ‘easiest’ of seasons, summer.  When summer starts, a well-maintained gutter and downspout system essentially gets to go on vacation.  Because summer is dry and warm it’s also the perfect time to climb up on a ladder, clear out the gutters and downspouts, check seams, and the stability of attachments to the house. On the other hand, if gutter maintenance is neglected, summer can host a variety of detrimental challenges.  Insects and pests can thrive in the build up of leaves and debris inviting creatures that feed on them to reside there as well.  Pests such as birds, rodents, or even snakes can potentially live in the gutters.  Uncleared debris can also fuel the growth of mold.  Untreated that mold could damage the roof, or even worse migrate to the attic and interior of the house.

This area is abundant with lush, green deciduous plants that bring vibrance and beauty to the area.  In the fall, these leaves transition to breathtaking hues of auburn, crimson, and maize.  As fall leads way to winter, these trees shed their annual leaves and begin to prepare for the cold temperatures.  The excessive shedding of leaves can bring a lot of blockage and build-up to your gutters and downspouts.  As you brace for heavy fall showers, occasional ice and rain storms, now is a vital time to make sure that debris doesn’t condense in your gutter system.  If it does it could lead to severe consequences in the winter.

In the winter your gutter faces some it’s most extreme adversaries.  Heavy ice and sub-zero temperatures threaten to create ice dams that can inflict tremendous damage to the interior of your home.  Damage from ice dams can cost you an insurance claim and possibly thousands of dollars to repair.  The weight of debris and ice can weigh down the gutters and down spouts, weaken the seams, and even pull the system away from your house.  Without the protection of your gutters and downspouts to divert water from your roof and foundation, your home is susceptible to water damage and mold.

You may think your gutters are safe by springtime, but they might merit another check.  The melting of snow and ice can lead to an influx of leaves, twigs and other debris in your gutters.  Currently, it is not uncommon to a have a week of spring that yields anywhere from five to seven inches of rain.  To assure that water is being diverted away from your home and foundation, it’s important to be sure that no debris has created any blockages in your gutter system.

We live in a beautiful and varied environment. Part of living in an ever-changing area is knowing how to accommodate and adapt to its whims.  For assistance in making sure your home is properly prepared to face the perils mother nature has in store this year, contact Cincy Gutter Boys for a free estimate or to schedule your cleaning today at 513-479-8800.

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