3 Gutter Upgrades to Consider this Summer

A recent article from our partners at Kings of Clean gave three reasons for getting your gutters cleaned, which we thought was a worthwhile reminder. While they offer pressure washing to clean up if you’re leaking gutters have made a mess, we’d like to remind you that getting those gutters cleaned to prevent further mess is just as important!


Mold -  Leaking gutters can lead to mold and algae growth on your siding and roof, which over time can damage your home and cause the need for expensive repairs. You can get this cleaned, but if the gutters themselves aren’t cleaned and repaired as well, you’ll have the growth coming back again and again over time.


Aesthetics - In addition to the algae and mold growth, the aesthetics of your home can be affected as gutters begin to leak and sag. The visual degradation of your gutters has an unexpected dramatic impact on the appearance of your home overall. What’s more, debris that would normally run off with rain water is instead left sitting on your roof or overflowing in the gutters, giving your home an overall abandoned look


Resale Value - Of course, the aesthetic impact of your gutter issues leaves your home’s resale value to suffer. The “curb appeal” of your home is defined by the overall appearance of your home, and is a major factor in your home’s value consideration, dragging down significantly on offers that will be made. What’s more, the more significant damage that can be caused to your home’s roof and walls by leaking water coming from your gutters will make an even larger impact. Regular gutter cleaning and repair will help protect your home’s value, as well as your long term satisfaction.


Always remember, with our partnership with Kings of Clean, we’re able to offer complete service for your needs. Not only cleaning and repairing your gutters, but also pressure washing to remove the unsightly stains gutter leaks can leave behind. Contact us for a quote today!


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