3 Gutter Upgrades to Consider this Summer

Spring is coming soon and we could not be more excited! The bitter cold and nasty wet days are going away and we should soon be able to enjoy beautiful afternoons walking in the park or getting our garden started! Spring also brings with it some less pleasant chores, but if we are ready to handle them right away, we can protect our home from damage down the road and allow us to enjoy our spring and summer like we deserve.

The first thing that needs to be checked in the spring is the mounting of your gutters. They should be properly attached to the fascia boards running along the edge of your roof. Over the course of winter, your gutters may have started to sag as the extra weight of snow and ice have pulled them down. There’s also a possibility of damage to the fascia boards themselves as the wild temperature changes that we’ve come to expect in the Cincinnati area can cause warping and cracking to the boards if they become exposed. High winds also create additional stress on your gutters through the winter and early spring storms. Because of all this, when we inspect your gutters, we’ll check each mounting bracket of your gutter to ensure they’re secure as well as the fascia boards those brackets are mounted in for structural integrity. You may be able to spot some issues by walking around the perimeter of your home and looking for obvious sagging spots, but by climbing up on a ladder we’re able to get a far more accurate and involved inspection.

Once we’ve confirmed the gutters are mounted securely, we’ll also need to clean out the gutters. Over the course of winter, all kinds of debris will build up in your gutters that you may not have been able to see before. As snow falls, it brings with it small particulate matter that builds up as the snow melts. This can then make it easier for larger pieces of debris, like loose leaves and twigs to get caught as well. We clean your gutters out by hand, making sure we get every last bit of debris out of your gutter system and properly dispose of that debris. This sets us apart from other service providers who simply spray the inside of your gutters with a hose, possibly making blockages worse, and always making a mess.

Finally, we’ll inspect and clean your downspouts. Just like your gutters themselves, they may have become clogged or dislodged over the course of the winter months. We’ll ensure your downspouts have the proper flow and are draining correctly to the right places. As downspouts can be moved over the winter, we want to make sure they’re draining in a way that’s not creating exacerbated erosion in your yard, or risking damage for your foundation.

Spring can be a wonderful time of year, but but taking some prudent steps at this season can ensure that your spring and summer will be fun and fruitful! Call us today for an appointment for your spring gutter cleaning and inspection!

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