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3 Reasons Clean Gutters Will Lead to a Better Home

3 Reasons Clean Gutters Will Lead to a Better Home

Part of the “fun” of living in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio region is that harsh the weather can show up on any given day. Torrential rain, snow, or high winds can all show up when they’re least expected. This swiftly changing weather can do a number on your gutters, leaving them looking weathered and can lead to long term issues for your home. With winter coming, it is essential for you to keep up on your gutter cleaning to ensure the long term health of your home, clearing out falling leaves and twigs that will clog the drainage systems and prevent ice damage that could result as the temperatures begin to drop overnight.  Here’s just a few benefits that keeping your gutters clean will have for your home.


Gutter cleaning prevents foundation issues

A major reason you even have gutters on your home is to divert water falling off the roof away from the foundation of your home. Without properly working gutters, water falling from your roof drains immediately down the side of your home and drops directly next to your home. This can cause accelerated erosion and eventual damage to your foundation. This can initially show itself as leaks in your basement, which you wouldn’t necessarily associate with damage to your gutter system.


Gutter cleaning prevents roof damage

Backed up gutters will cause water to back up and sit on your roof rather than draining off. This sitting water can slowly cause damage to your roof, leading to leaks. This becomes increasingly problematic when temperatures drop because the leaking water freezes and expands, causing the open spots in your roof to be pushed further open. This then leads to a recursive loop problem because the larger leaks leads to more water in your roof, which can then freeze overnight expanding the openings even further.


Gutter cleaning prevents aesthetic degradation to your home

As your gutters become backed up, particularly in the late fall and early winter, ice damage can cause the gutters to sag or even come loose. In addition to the damage we’ve already highlighted, this causing your home to become more unsightly. What’s more, backed up gutters can lead to debris such as leaves and twigs sitting on your roof giving it a more disheveled appearance, which can negatively affect your home’s value via degraded curb appeal long before any physical damage is even caused.

With all of this in mind, we hope you’re eager to get your gutters inspected and cleaned before fall is over. Get your home ready for winter and ensure your gutter system is ready to operate at its absolute best, no matter what the weather decides to throw at it!