3 Signs Your Gutters Are Long Overdue for A Cleaning

It's nice to think about home improvement as a chance to decorate and better your home, but the truth is that most of the time, home exterior projects are necessary nitty-gritty jobs. And one of the most common problems that homeowners face with their exteriors is blocked up gutters.

Clogged gutters won't just mean that the side of your house will get wetter than usual -- the extra weight puts a strain on your roof, and the misdirected storm drainage is the number one cause of basement water problems. The added moisture can also cause problems with your roof and your paint job. Yet despite this, so many people procrastinate when it comes to their gutters. It is in your best interest to get them checked out, cleaned, and repaired as soon as possible.

But how will you know if they are clogged in the first place? Here are some warning signs:

1. Animals Are Hanging Out In Them
If you see animals frequenting your gutters (anything from birds to squirrels and chipmunks), there is a good chance that they have built nests in them. And there is no way they'd be able to build nests if water flowed through them every time it rained, so they are most likely blocked up. It might be sad to displace these little critters, but some gutter cleaning and gutter repair is definitely necessary.

2. They're Sagging
Your gutters were designed to withstand a lot of water weight, so if they're sagging, you know that they are holding a lot more than is safe or advisable. Most likely, there is a large buildup of leaves, branches, and other organic material. There also might be a fair amount of garbage in the gutters (So that's where all the frisbees went).

3. Water is Flowing Over Them
If there is one surefire indication that your gutters are compromised, it's that they aren't getting their job done, and their job is to guide water off of your roof in a controlled manner. If water is flowing from the sides of the gutter like a waterfall (or dripping down your siding) there is a good chance that it is being blocked from flowing down the gutter properly. All that water has to go somewhere, which is how it ends up pooling in your basement or damaging your home foundation.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, it's time to call a local gutter cleaning company to come and take a look at your gutters, ASAP.

Remember: you only have a few more weeks before all the leaves start to fall! Give us a call.