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3 Simple Tips for More Efficient Gutter Cleaning


With summer over and the fall in full swing, it is time to start thinking about maintaining your gutters and about gutter cleaning. It is vital in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area to clean your gutters before winter hits, so you do not end up with gutter repairs in the spring. In this short guide, you will be introduced to the top three simple tips to clean your gutters more efficiently this fall and during any season.

1. Clean them often

One of the biggest reasons gutter cleaning becomes such a chore is because we wait too long to clean out the gutters. Then they are packed full of damp leaves, twigs, seeds, bugs, and other foliage. If you set regular cleanings scheduled for season changes, you will not have as much build up as you do if you only clean the gutters once a year. The number of trees in your yard also makes a difference in how much debris is in the troughs. If you have excess trees in your yard, and especially if you have foliage that sits on the roofing and over the gutters, you may want to think about removing some of the trees that are causing the debris. If the troughs get too heavy in the fall with leaves and seeds, they can start to sag or split and need repairs. Make sure to keep your gutters often cleaned to prevent a build-up of residue.

2. Utilize proper equipment

It is critical when cleaning the gutters to make sure you are using the appropriate equipment and tools. One of the worst-case scenarios when cleaning gutters are experiencing a fall off a ladder. You want to make sure you have a sufficient ladder that can be extended to clean out gutters high up on the house safely. If you do not own an extended length ladder, you can see if a neighbor who performs home maintenance work such as exterior painting or simple remodeling could lend you the ladder for an afternoon. You can also rent tools from large home stores for a fraction of the cost to purchase a ladder. Lastly, make sure you have gloves, a bucket for the debris, a garden hose, and a friend or neighbor who can assist you in the cleaning of the gutters.

3. Call in the professionals

If you are a handyman or someone who is good with new tasks, you could probably perform your own gutter cleaning without any issues. However, if you are an individual who is afraid of heights, someone who does not do outdoor tasks or someone who is just too busy to deal with gutter repair or cleaning out the gutters, then you need the aid of a professional. A professional gutter team can come to your home and clean out all of your troughs and downspouts for a minimal cost. They can also install leaf guards to your gutters, which will help protect your gutters from filling in with tree foliage such as twigs, seeds, pods, and leaves. These guards will prevent a majority of debris from filling your gutters, but you do still have to have your gutters cleaned consistently even with leaf guards. When hiring a professional whether for the gutters, power washing, or HVAC, make sure they are licensed before using their services.

As you can see, there are some helpful tips when gutter cleaning is involved. It is critical to have clean gutters going into the winter season in Ohio to prevent gutter repairs in the spring from possible sagging and split seams due to excess weight of ice over the winter. If you follow our advice on the top three simple tips to clean your gutters more efficiently, you will have the cleanest and best-draining gutters in all of Cincinnati!