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Watch out for These Symptoms of Gutter Problems

Your home is a significant investment and a haven for you and your family. So as a responsible homeowner, it's crucial to prioritize its maintenance. But have you considered gutter repair while maintaining the garden, paint, and fixtures? These structures protect your roof, foundation, and home's value and aesthetics. And if neglected, you could face various upkeep issues like a flooded yard, exterior paint chipping, mold growth, and leaks. This article will help you understand the most common gutter problem symptoms so you can identify them quickly. Let's dive in.

So Does Your Gutter Need Repairs?

Here's what you'll see if the answer is yes -

Gutters Overflowing

If you notice an overflow in your gutters, it may not necessarily mean a heavy storm. Gutters are built to sustain the water that collects in them. So if it spills over, it could mean that there is clogging within the gutter or in the downspout. Clogs can result from broken spikes which catch leaves, causing blockage or a build-up of dust and debris.
Water will also overflow if the gutter is not strong enough or the pipes' size cannot sustain the water volume. The overflowing can result in a damaged foundation, flooded basements, and roof damage, as water will seep through your roof instead. You want to ensure your gutters are strong and functional, especially given factors like frequent heavy rainstorm advisories in Cincinnati. Therefore, it's time to let a pro assess your gutter to determine the real cause of the overflow and solve it to protect your home.

gutters overflowing

Standing Water in Gutters

Stagnant water in your gutter is also a sign of gutter damage.
A common cause for this issue could be a sagging gutter, which interrupts water flow by collecting it in a small pool within the sagging part. Consequently, the water will stand, causing further damage like rust.
Also, if your gutters are not correctly pitched, they'll lack an adequate slope for water flow downwards, causing stagnation. Clogs can also prevent rainwater from flowing smoothly through the gutter, leaving it standing instead. A quick inspection will determine what's causing the stagnation for an appropriate gutter repair.

Puddles in Your Yard

Did you know the telltale signs of faulty gutters go beyond the gutter? For example, a flooded yard could mean a damaged drainage system. The gutter drains water from the roof onto the ground through its downspout. Therefore if damaged, it compromises your exterior water management system. These issues can cause foundation problems by flooding as the gutter may not drain water within the recommended distance from the foundation.

Puddles in Your Yard from Clogged Gutters

Other Common Symptoms of Gutter Problems to Look Out For

Exteriors paint chipping
Mulch splattered everywhere after it rains
Stains on siding

Call for Expert Gutter Repair Today

Damaged gutters are detrimental to your home and can cause various problems, including a weakened foundation, the growth of mold, roof damage, and insect infestation. These issues will interfere with your comfort. The restoration will also cost more if you don't identify the problem early or choose to use non-expert repair tactics.
If you're experiencing any of the highlighted issues, it's time to check your gutter. And while DIY may seem attractive and cost-effective, it's not advisable. We recommend enlisting the help of a pro because they'll know where and how to check and determine the appropriate solution. Additionally, it will be less costly as expert gutter repair ensures proper installation, which will mean less frequent damages, reducing repair projects. Call Cincy Gutter Boys today, and we'll have our experts inspect your gutters and restore them to maintain your comfort and home's value.