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5 Signs You Need New Gutters

Have you just purchased a used home in the Cincinnati, Ohio area? If so, you may have a lot of feelings and emotions running through you at this time including excitement, happiness, and worry. What did you just get yourself into? Will you need to replace any significant exterior portions of the home? Issues to be concerned about can include the roof and especially the gutters. Gutter repair or new gutter installation can be a massive undertaking, but there are experts in the area to assist you with what you may need. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top five signs you need new gutters.

1. Leaking

Leaking is probably the biggest problem that homeowners run into when dealing with their gutters. Water leaks occur when the rainwater is not flowing down the troughs and downspouts are they should. This may be due to a clogged drainage system or due to breaks in the trough that holds the water. If there are breaks and cracks at the seams or anywhere else in the drainage system, you may need to perform a gutter repair if you can or invest in new gutter installation for your home.

2. Rusting or peeling of paint

If you Cincinnati home has gutters placed and you notice any type of rust or peeling of paint on the troughs or downspouts, you need to be aware that you may need gutter repair or gutter installation performed soon. One of the first signs of that your gutters are starting to weaken and are up for replacement is if you notice rust on the gutter or the home's siding. This means water has already begun to damage the metal and it will only get worse if you choose to ignore it.

3. Cracking or other known damage

If you visibly see cracking, sagging, denting, or bent metal on your gutters or roofing, these could all be signs that you need to have your gutter replaced. A strong wind from a thunderstorm can cause the metal of the gutters to twist and bend causing the system to leak or cause an occlusion where the water cannot pass. Make sure to fix any damage to your gutters immediately through remodeling or repairs.

4. Erosion near the foundation

Another sign you need to be on the lookout for with old gutters is if they are causing the land near the foundation or HVAC to erode. When gutters start to leak due to damage, the water does not flow from the system out into the yard, as it should. It starts to overflow or leak at the seams, which drips directly from the gutter near the side of the house where the foundation sits. This erosion of dirt and soil can cause your home's foundation to shift over time and can cause you huge problems. Verify your gutters are not overflowing or leaking and draining near the foundation.

5. Wood rot near the gutters

The last way to know if you need new gutter installation is if there is visible wood rot or water damage near or under your gutters. If the gutters are not flowing the rainwater smoothly or correctly to the ground below, they may need to be replaced. Be sure to inspect the area after major thunderstorms and annually for watermarks, softening of the wood, wood rot, painting that peels, or other damage caused by moisture under the gutters.?

Is it time for a new gutter installation?

As you can see, there are multiple issues to watch for to know if you need to complete gutter repair on your Cincinnati home. Whether you notice rust, water damage, wood rot, or erosion, you will be able to fix or replace the gutters that are causing you the trouble. If you follow our advice on the top five signs you need new gutters, you will have the best looking and most fully functioning drainage system in all of Cincinnati!