6 Tips for Safe & Effective Gutter Cleaning

As we go deeper into summer, we see an increase in the occasional heavy rain in the greater Cincinnati area. Sudden and fierce, summer storms bring with them a higher than usual risk for flooded basements and washed out yards. What’s more, your gutters may struggle with the higher than usual rain, and strong winds mean more debris on your roof. These factors combined mean it’s important to stay on top of keeping your gutters cleaned. 

When it comes to cleaning your gutters, however, there are a number of risks involved. Making mistakes can lead to needing expensive repairs, or worse yet, injury and even death. With such risks in mind, here are a few helpful tips to make sure your gutter cleaning experience is a good one. 


  • Clean roof - When cleaning your gutters, you’ll want to make sure your roof is cleaned as well. If you don’t clear debris from the roof, you’ll find your gutter cleaning efforts have been wasted, as the next rain will wash that debris right into your freshly cleared gutters. 


  • Wear Good Quality Shoes - You are going to be at a high enough point that a fall could cause serious injury, so good quality shoes are important. Make sure you choose shoes with a rubber sole and good traction. Even on a dry day, you may find yourself standing on wet surfaces as you clean out your gutters and release standing water. You may also find yourself stepping on sharp pieces of debris, so make sure the sole protects your feet well.


  • Wear Gloves - As you remove debris, you are going to need gloves. This protects your hands from minor issues such as splinters, as well as more serious injury that could be caused is sharp objects (such as loose roofing nails) are mixed in with the rest of the debris you’re removing. Gloves should be thick and sturdy for protection, but still allow you enough dexterity to grab items and grip your ladder or other surfaces as necessary.


  • Eye protection - Just as you’ll want protection for your hands, eye protection is also important. Dirty water and rotting leaf debris that builds up in gutters could pose a risk if they get into your eye, and animal droppings are also likely to be present. Something that will protect your eyes but still give you clear vision will be critical for safety. 


  • Use a gutter scoop - A gutter scoop is a tool designed to help as you’re removing debris that can be purchased at most hardware or many department stores. The best choice will be those designed with a thin edge that forms itself to the shape of the bottom of your gutter. This will make it easier for you to remove debris while offering further protection to your hands by keeping the direct contact between your hands and the debris to a minimum. A scoop also makes it easier to gather up smaller pieces of debris that may be difficult to pick up with your work gloves on. 


  • Call a gutter repair service - If in the course of cleaning you notice any damage to your gutters, such as large leaks, misshapen joints, or lose mounting bolts, make sure you contact a gutter repair service. Minor gutter issues can quickly lead to more extensive damage to not only your gutters, but also your roof and walls. Addressing these possible issues early and completely can save you money and frustration


When it comes to anything around your home, you deserve the best. Keeping your gutters clean and in good repair will go a long way to ensuring your satisfaction with your home. If you don’t want to go to the bother of cleaning out your gutters yourself, we can take care of it.