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3 Gutter Upgrades to Consider this Summer

Update September 2020:  We’re always looking for the best methods and products to serve our customers.  We no longer offer AWA gutter guards, but we think you’ll be more than pleased with our latest selection.  Check them out here

Gutter guards are a popular option for many homeowners, but too often, they’re sold with some false promises. The idea that you’ll put a gutter guard on your home and never have to check on your gutters again is enticing, but not really the full story. What’s worse, in many cases, the most grandiose promises are made when trying to sell the lowest quality gutter guards. Vinyl coverings that are made to “one size fits all” but don’t really fit any gutter quite right, sitting loose or always popping out. They tend to be flimsy and break under the severe temperature swings we get in the greater Cincinnati area, or they’re easily pried open or chewed up by rodents. They have big coin sized holes in them that block leaves and other large debris, but smaller things like pine needs or seeds slip through and accumulate. Disappointed homeowners buy these cheap wastes of time gutter guards and find them to be nothing but a headache.  But there are gutter guards out there that won’t leave you frustrated and disappointed.

When it comes to gutter guards, we offer three different options, but our absolute favorites are the AWA gutter guards. These are beasts in comparison to the cheap and flimsy gutter guards you see advertised on TV late at night, and they will truly protect your gutters in a way those other options could never dream of. There’s a number of features that help them accomplish it.

To start, they’re constructed out of an extruded aluminum frame. A durable 1/16” thickness means these gutter guards will stand up to the temperature swings and abusive weather that we’ve all come to know and love about living in the Ohio River Valley area. The frames are made using anodized aluminum, which means they can be installed on both steel or copper gutters, and provide the same long lasting protection. And no squirrel is going to chew threw them either!

The gutter guards are also covered with a surgical grade 316L stainless steel 50 or 30 Micro mesh. This means no organic material, not leaves, pine needles, or seeds are going to get through. These insure the gutter guards protect against the full range of issues, no debris large or small will get into your gutters!

Because of this complete care, the AWA Standard Gutter Guards are particularly convenient for commercial real estate! They provide long lasting year round protection so you can focus on your business.

These AWA Standard Gutter Guards also come with a twenty year transferable warranty, and are by far the best choice to protect your home or business! They work with any gutter or roofing system, and when installed by our trained staff, they’ll keep your gutters working for years to come. Call us for a quote today!

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