Best Gutter Guards for Cincinnati Gutters

You want to install a gutter guard on your home but you are not sure what kind to get because there is a wide variety to choose from. The overwhelming abundance of research will most likely throw someone into information overload. Professionals like us are here to make the search a bit easier for you. Here are four popular types of gutter guards that one can choose from: 

Gutter Brushes 

Gutter brushes are exactly what they sound like. They are large bristled brushes that sit inside your gutter and catches large debris. Debris such as shingle dust and pine needles are known to still easily clog your gutters even if you do have brushes. The brushes are easily installed and very affordable. 


Gutter foam is also inexpensive and easy to install but require much more maintenance. As the debris falls, it lands on top of the foam and can clog up quickly. It is common to see shrinkage and crumbling over time. Gutter trees are also known to grow in the foam. The moisture that is retained in the foam is not only a great place for seedlings to grow but for insects to live. 

 Reverse Curve or Surface Tension Guards 

Reverse Curve gutter guards, otherwise known as surface tension guards, are designed to move rainwater over a curved nose so that it falls naturally. As the water moves downward, most debris falls off of the edge but not all of it makes it to the ground. Some debris falls into the opening causing your gutter to clog. These guards are bit more complicated and pricey to install so it is best to hire a professional.  


Screens are the most popular gutter guards in the market. They are inexpensive and easy to install but they are much more fragile than the others. They easily collapse under the weight of snow and large debris. Since there are holes on the surface to allow water to run through, smaller debris can still get in and will clog your gutters if not cleaned every year or so. 

These are only a handful of guards that you can choose from. Keep in mind that gutter guards are not a permanent solution to keep your gutters clean. In order to have the best results, you should still have your gutters and gutter guards cleaned and maintained every other year at most. No matter what type of gutter guard you decide to install, it is best to hire professionals like Cincy Gutter Boys to ensure that everything is in good working order.  

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