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Box Gutters - Patch, Coat or Reline?

Box gutter repair and restoration involves careful demolition of damaged framing as well as soldering, trim carpentry and framework, making it one of the most complex aspects of your home.  Getting the right solution to your specific issue is crucial. If you are trying to decide whether to patch, coat, re-line, rebuild, or even replace, we are here to help.

When to patch your box gutters

Cost: $400 - $1650

• Overall, gutters are in good condition

• Metal is separated at seam

• Small holes in gutters

• Gutters are clogged because drop outlet is too small and/or rusted

how to patch box gutters

There are several ways to patch your gutters, depending on the issue. Holes up to 1/4 inch can be fixed with a mesh patch, while larger holes should be patched with metal. Broken solder can be resolved with seam repair, while replacing drop outlets can resolve common causes of clogs. However, if there are problems in in multiple areas of your gutters, it re-lining or re-coating is recommended.

When to coat your box gutters

Cost $20 - $40 per linear foot

• The box gutter metal is compromised but the structure is solid

• The pitch of the box gutter is still good

• Your box gutters are showing signs of rust

• Your previous coating is flaking

• There isn't existing coating and metal is exposed

How to coat box gutters

Coating your box gutters can be a great cost-saving option in the right circumstance. We have found Enduris Metal Coating to be a great solution for many of the box gutter issues we run into.

When to re-line your box gutters

Cost: $160 - $230 per linear foot

• The framing around the box gutter is solid (some minor wood damage may be acceptable)

• The gutter is sloped correctly

• Existing coating is too rough (peel-n-stick or rubber)

• Long cracks or splits are compromising the box gutter

• The box gutter metal is too thin or can not be coated

How to re-line box gutters

Re-lining involves replacing the metal in your box gutters, restoring them to their original condition. The cost is higher than coating your box gutters, but it is the preferred method of repair if your box gutters are solid. 

Many people with box gutter issues choose to patch and push back the pain to a later day. Sometimes that may be the right choice, but not always. Helping you make that decision is where we come in. Our goal is to consult you on your options and work with you to make the best choice for you and your home.