Brandon Bell, Gutter Repair Expert

Meet Brandon Bell, a living example of how a little heart can go a long way.

Brandon is much more than a construction guy; he's a family man and a walking joy-spreader. The heart and soul of Cincy Gutter Boys' culture is based on guys like Brandon. From the moment he stepped into our gutter-loving world in April 2019, Brandon's dedication and warmth have been a beacon for us all.

In the world of gutters, Brandon is well-versed. With extensive box gutter experience, he wields his expertise like a wizard with a magic wand, crafting solutions that make our customers' homes not only functional but beautiful too.

At the foundation of Brandon's actions is his favorite core value, "Be Positive." This isn't just a motto for him; it's a way of life. Brandon's big heart and unwavering compassion for others shine through in everything he does. Whether it's leading his construction team, dealing with an issue, or lending a helping hand to a friend in need, he always does it with a positive attitude.

Outside of the construction world, Brandon's true pride and joy are his family.

He's a hardworking, tender-hearted family man. His efforts are outmatched only by his compassion for others. You'll find him cherishing moments with his kids and spreading joy wherever he goes.

His dedication to his family is a reflection of his commitment to the values that define Cincy Gutter Boys – integrity, hard work, and putting others first… a shining example of the kind of person who makes Cincy Gutter Boys a family, both on and off the job site.

We trust people like Brandon to take care of our customers and we are confident that you can trust them too. Click below or give us a call to schedule an appointment.