A Clueless Homeowner's Guide to Gutter Guards

Your home's gutters are central in protecting the exterior and interior of your home. To keep them working well, it's important to have them cleaned about twice per year and repair old gutters when necessary. However, to keep your gutters working at their true potential, you might consider fitting them with advanced features. Gutter guards are among these features, and they can work wonders during the fall season in particular. If you are considering adding gutter guards to your home this fall, this is what you should know.

What are gutter guards?
Gutter guards are slotted plates that you install on the lip of the gutter to prevent leaves and other debris from clogging the gutters. They cover the gutter's opening like filters, catching leaves and letting water pass through. While they are optional, many homeowners choose to install them to make caring for their rain gutters a bit easier. It's just important to keep up with removing debris from the top of the guards.

What do gutter guards do for your home?
Gutter guards have multiple benefits for your gutters, roof, and home in general. While these are some of the most significant perks, you can talk to your gutter installation professional about what these guards can do for you.

Simple Cleaning: Without gutter guards, you might have to get your gutters cleaned more often. And if you do simple cleaning yourself, it might be dangerous.
Rain guards keep your actual gutters in better condition while making cleaning more efficient and safe.


Pest Protection: Gutters can be a cozy home for birds, mice, bugs,
and other critters. When you install a gutter guard, you also create a barrier to keep these pests away.


Lower Water Damage Risk: When your home's gutters are working more efficiently, they are also protecting your home from water damage. You will likely experience less fascia board and siding rot, mold growth, and interior water leaks. Water leaks that result from clogged gutters can also cause water to accumulate around your foundation and landscaping.

While gutter guards may not be a necessary part of your home gutter system, they may become integral in preserving your gutters and downspouts. But remember that even the most updated features cannot replace the need to repair old gutters or schedule gutter replacement. To craft your ideal gutter care solution, call a professional for an inspection and cleaning.