3 Gutter Upgrades to Consider this Summer

With home buying season in full swing, many homeowners are giving consideration to what repairs are necessary before they can list their home for sale. Some projects seem obvious, like repainting a scratched up wall, while others might seem more questionable. One we run into time and time again is the question of whether or not you should replace your gutters before listing your home for sale. After all, gutters are certainly important, gutters in good condition can protect your roof, prevent basement flooding, and other kinds of water damage to your home. So if you can show that you have brand new gutters, can that increase the asking price for your home?

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t quite so simple. The fact is, most home buyers go in with the assumption that some parts of your home, like your gutters, are going to be in good working order, so showing that they’ve been repaired or replaced isn’t necessarily going to affect your asking price. But if your gutters are in bad shape, that’s definitely going to hurt you. Think of it like this, if you’re interviewing someone for a possible job, you’re not very likely to walk out of the interview thinking to yourself, “well they were wearing clean clothing and look like they’ve taken a shower, so I should hire them.” On the other hand, if you interview someone and you notice that they DEFINITELY have not done those things, you’re far less likely to hire them. You rarely get credit for doing what everyone is assuming, even subconsciously, you’ve already done. A prospective buyer doesn’t necessarily make note of your gutters if everything is good, but they’ll definitely notice your gutters if they’re in bad shape.

If you are considering selling your home this summer, or if you’re just looking forward to another great year in a home you already love, call us today to schedule a cleaning and inspection to make sure your gutters are putting the best foot forward for your home, and protecting your investment for years to come!


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