3 Gutter Upgrades to Consider this Summer

Box Gutters are a common feature of older homes. As experts here in the greater Cincinnati area, we occasionally see box gutters in desperate need of repair because homeowners don’t understand the ins and outs of particular upkeep that box gutters need.


What makes box gutters unique is that they are built into your home’s construction. Box gutters will be made as one piece of your roof,often from the same material, then lined with a waterproof material, often steel or copper, though more modern homes may use a rubber construction. This allows box gutters to be concealed behind the walls or cornices of your home. This makes box gutters ideal for homes with intricate architecture, and allow for historic homes to keep their classic appearance.


This ability to hide from view is both box gutters great benefit but also their weakness. By being out of view, issues with box gutters go without notice leading to bigger problems down the line. Small blockages and overflows that would be easier to spot with external gutters aren’t able to be spotted with box gutters. What’s more, because they’re built into your walls, even a small leak in box gutters can cause significant damage to your home’s construction as they leak directly into the wall.


Because of these issues, it is vital that box gutters are regularly inspected. Looking for leaks and ensuring that blockages are regularly cleared out is critical to ensuring your box gutters remain a part of your home’s classic appearance. If there are problems with your box gutters, we are able to patch leaks and correct damage. If necessary, we are even able to rebuild box gutters, correcting framing issues and customizing new lining material.

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