Half Round Gutters

Gutters are one of the quiet heroes of your home, protecting your framework and foundation from the damaging effects of water from mother nature. It is best to make sure that they are always in good working order and that you have the best fit for your home and your needs. We are going to discuss one of the most popular gutters in today’s world and what they provide.

K style gutters were made popular after World War II, and more common in today’s world covering at least 80% of the homes today. These lightweight, popular gutters originally got their name from the appearance of their side profile resembling the shape of the letter K. They have a flat bottom, and a curved edge that gives the appearance of crown molding on the exterior of the home. They can come in a variety of materials such as copper, vinyl, or zinc, however it is more common to use aluminum. They can come in a variety of colors to custom fit the exterior of your home. Compared to the half round gutters, K-style can hold two times the amount of rain water in its interior. This benefit helps with the steeper pitches of roof, or areas that have heavier rainfall.

These popular gutters can come in seamless or sectional pieces of gutters. The gutters that are not seamless require more maintenance over their lifetime. There is a need for regular use of caulk to seal the seams throughout the gutters that have been pop riveted together throughout your system. The seamless gutters are a smooth, continuous run of gutter that has been ran off from a machine. A piece of aluminum is put into the machine, and then fed to custom design it to the K-style appearance. The gutters in either option are then installed using hidden hangers, using a proper slope to allow for proper working functions.

For residential homes, there are two sizes of gutters that are used; 5” or 6” sizes. When determining what size is best for you and your home, you can use several factors. The first being the pitch of your roof. The steeper the pitch, the more water that is needing to be fed to your downspouts, to divert the water away from damaging your home. If you have a ranch home with little pitch all the way around, 5” gutters should be fine to handle the water that is coming down during rainstorms. If the pitch is steep in one or more areas, it is time to consider the larger option to maintain your rainfall. Another determining factor is what the rain density is in your area is. This can be found out through a local expert like Cincy Gutter Boys, or through a supplier website for gutter materials.

The system will allow for rainfall runoff to land into the gutter, into the downspouts, and then away from your home and it’s foundation. If installed properly there will a protection from water coming over and behind your gutters causing damage to the wood framing, or getting into the foundation of your home. They will have downspouts that run from the outlet tubes, away from the home or into the ground. The downspouts are typically rectangular in shape and come in 2X3 or 3X4 sizes.

When deciding what is the best option for you, it is always wise to reach out to an expert to answer your questions regarding what is going to work best for your home. When assessing which direction to go, you will know your home better than anyone. It is best to watch your gutters during a rainfall to see what is actually happening to help better determine what your need is. Good luck in your search to protecting your home framework and foundation!