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How to Deal with Ice Damming

The Cincinnati, Ohio area can often become frigid with temperatures that plummet to below freezing. When this occurs, any and all moisture that is near or on your house freezes with it, including water in the troughs or downspouts of your gutters. Gutter repair or new gutter installation may be needed due to a condition called ice damming that occurs in the winter in cold weather. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top four ways to deal with ice dams on your home.

1. Clear snow with a roof rake

One of the ways to keep your roof safe as well as keep you from gutter repair or gutter installation is to get outside and use a roof rake to get the accumulated snow off your roof and HVAC system. By leaving the snow on the roof, it becomes heavy and wet when warmer temperatures arrive, and the snow can start to melt. The water will run into the troughs and can cause an ice dam.

Ice damming is when warm outside temperatures from the sun to the roof or the heat loss from the attic on the roof causes the snow to melt. This water then comes to the edge of the roof into a cold and still frozen drainage system. This change in the temperature causes the water to refreeze and create a block of ice in your trough and downspout, which can harm your gutters from the added weight and pressure, as well as the exterior painting behind it from the added moisture.

2. Install a heat cable

One of the best ways to keep ice damming from occurring in the winter in Cincinnati is to install heat cables into the drainage system and the roofing area. The wire warms and prevents freezing and re-freezing that causes the ice dams. The cable is connected inside the trough and downspout and uses very little electricity. It is a great option to consider in dealing with the ice damming that occurs in the cold Ohio weather.

3. Attic insulation

Another great way to prevent ice damming in the winter is to make sure your attic is insulated appropriately. If you complete any remodeling, you need to make sure there is enough insulation in the attic to keep the warm air from leaking out onto the roof. Ventilation is also vital in the attic. By having proper insulation and maintaining cool air in the attic, you will continue an even temperature to your roof and control the ice damming that could occur.

4. Hire a professional gutter installation crew

You can always hire a professional team to come and remove the snow and ice from your roof and gutters after a massive winter storm. This will prevent you from incurring charges for gutter repairs or new gutter installation. Not only will they remove the snow with a roof rake, but they will also use roof steaming to keep the gutters free of ice. There are multiple businesses that would be happy to provide this service to you or even a local, knowledgeable handyman.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to deal with the issues that ice damming can cause. Whether you use a roof rake, hire a professional roof steaming crew, insulate your attic, or install a heat cable, your home's gutters will stay secure and will work correctly after a hard freeze. If you follow our advice on the top four ways to deal with the trouble of ice damming, your Cincinnati gutters will be ready with no repairs needed for the spring thaw!