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Why Install Gutters Before Winter

As we dip into winter weather, it's more important than ever to ensure the quality of your gutters. Many homeowners choose to get new gutters prior to winter. This is because the Northeast and Midwest are renowned for snow-heavy winters.

Without proper gutter repair and gutter replacement, housing gutters can become cracked, broken, or even torn off during the winter months. Therefore, consider the following reasons to install new gutters before the snow gets any heavier.

Darn those ice dams
Ice dams are the horror story of many a winter home. This is because ice dams can cause terrible trouble on your roof if left untreated including, in some cases, a roof collapse.

Ice dams are formed when snow builds up on the roof. When this snow melts, it enters your gutters. However, if your gutters are clogged and water builds up this water can freeze and form an ice dam. As a result, water is unable to drain from your roof and the result is excessive water damage.

Fortunately, you can reduce your risk of an ice dam by getting your gutters cleaned at least twice a year as recommended. Additionally, ensure heat isn't escaping from your roof and melting the snow clinging to your shingles. Apply insulation to your attic and other parts of your home where necessary.

Keep the winter weight off
You won't be the only one struggling to keep off weight over the holidays. During the winter, your gutters can bear excessive weight caused by snow and ice.

If your gutters are older and don't drain properly, it can cause ice to build up and water to overflow resulting in dangerous icicles. These icicles can pull your gutters from your house if they're heavy enough.

To keep icicles from forming on your gutters, be sure they're draining properly and that you have a clean downspout. Old gutters or guttering that's been improperly installed by inexperienced contractors can cause ice buildup and extra weight.

To prevent ice dams and heavy icicles from hanging from your gutters, consult a Cincinnati gutter installation service. You may need gutter repair, gutter cleaning, or even new gutters to help you and your family get your rain gutters through yet another Midwestern winter.