Grant Dawson, Cincy Gutter Boys Owner

Meet Grant Dawson, the owner and CFO of Cincy Gutter Boys, a man who wears many hats with grace and enthusiasm.

Grant's story is one of entrepreneurial spirit, family values, and a deep commitment to his community.

As the owner and CFO of Cincy Gutter Boys, Grant's journey is an inspiring tale of turning a vision into a thriving business. His relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering dedication have transformed Cincy Gutter Boys into the trusted name it is today.

Grant's story is also about family

As a proud father and husband, he cherishes the moments spent with his loved ones. Family is the compass that guides his life, instilling in him a sense of responsibility and a warm heart that extends beyond his home and into his work.

Spirituality is another cornerstone of Grant's life. His faith plays a central role in shaping his values and character, giving him a strong moral compass and an unwavering sense of compassion.
Moreover, Grant is the founder of Reset Ministries, a noble venture that underscores his commitment to making a positive impact in the community. Through Reset Ministries, he's made a meaningful difference in the lives of many, exemplifying his dedication to serving others.

So, whether you're in need of gutter expertise, a friend, a spiritual guide, or a source of inspiration, Grant Dawson is your go-to guy. He's more than just the owner and CFO of Cincy Gutter Boys; he's a family man, a man of faith, a friend to all, and a true community leader. Grant's legacy is not just about gutters; it's about the power of vision, faith, and the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

If Grant sounds like your kind of people, then Cincy Gutter Boys is the clear choice for all of your gutter needs. Click below or call to schedule an appointment.