Paul Ramstetter, Gutter Boys

Meet Paul Ramstetter, the delightful and dedicated General Manager of Cincy Gutter Boys.

Paul's journey with this fantastic team began in February 2023, marking the start of a vibrant new chapter in his career.

Being no stranger to the limelight, Paul has a rich background in live production and project management. His passion for serving others shines through in his role as he infuses a dedication to excellence, finely honed over years of experience. He embodies the favorite core value at Cincy Gutter Boys: "Own It," showcasing a profound sense of responsibility and accountability in all that he does.

Paul's story isn't just about work

At the core of his being, Paul possesses a deep faith that guides him, instilling a sense of integrity and compassion in his leadership style. He carries this philosophy not only into the workplace but also into his family life, where he is a devoted family man. It's this harmonious blend of impactful leadership and a love-filled family life that truly sets Paul apart.

When he's not immersed in the world of gutters and management, you might find Paul spending quality time with his family, pursuing his passions, or simply embracing the joys of life. Paul Ramstetter is more than a General Manager; he's an inspiring individual dedicated to making a difference, both professionally and personally.

Paul is just one of the key players that make Gutter Boys Cincinnati's leading gutter experts. Click below to schedule an appointment with a company you can trust.