Shilo Newby, Gutter Boys Customer Service

Meet Shilo, a ray of sunshine among the office team at Cincy Gutter Boys, proudly serving as an Office Customer Service Rep since October 2023.

Shilo started during our busiest time of year and has proven to embody the "Own It" core value, infusing her work with dedication and accountability. With a background in customer service hospitality and office management within the trades industry, Shilo is a seasoned pro at making every customer interaction a delightful experience. Her familiarity with the ins and outs of office and customer needs makes her a true asset to the team.

Beyond her professional prowess,

Shilo is a loving mother, balancing her role at work with the joy and responsibilities of motherhood. Her warmth and caring nature extends to her interactions with her colleagues and customers alike.

When you meet Shilo, you're greeted with a genuine smile that could brighten anyone's day. Her friendly demeanor and approachable nature make her the go-to person for all your gutter-related queries and needs.

Shilo Newby isn't just an Office Customer Service Rep; she's a beacon of positivity, a dedicated professional, and a loving mother. Whether you're in need of gutter expertise or just a friendly chat, Shilo is here with that genuine smile and a willingness to go the extra mile. Cincy Gutter Boys is lucky to have her brightening up the office!