Katy Craft, Gutter Boys

Introducing Katy Craft, our extraordinary Office Guru at Cincy Gutter Boys! Katy has been dazzling our office with her incredible talents since October 2020.

Katy's journey to becoming our Office Guru is a story as colorful as a neon sign. With a background in the service industry and enjoyment of nightlife, she knows a thing or two about having a good time and making people happy. Her passion for serving others is the secret sauce that makes our office run like a well-oiled machine.

But Katy's not just all business;

she's also a proud pet parent to two feline friends, Milo and Coco. These cats are more than just pets; they're family. And anyone who's met Katy knows that her love for her furry companions is as fierce as it is heartwarming. The Cincy Gutter Boys family extends beyond our team members to our pets as well, as Milo and Coco have been seen canoodling with Cool Rick on multiple occasions…

When it comes to office tasks and projects, Katy truly embodies our favorite core value: "Own It." She doesn't just complete tasks; she takes ownership from beginning to end, ensuring that everything she does is nothing short of perfection. Her dedication and attention to detail are second to none. Katy's infectious smile is like a ray of sunshine on even the cloudiest of days. Her feisty spirit adds a dash of spice to the office, making every day an adventure while adding a good dose of fun.

So, whether you're in need of top-notch customer service or have questions about an estimate, she's your go-to gal. She's not just our Lead Customer Service Rep; she's a pet-loving, project-owning, smile-inducing force of nature at Cincy Gutter Boys. Our office wouldn’t be the same without her!