Nick Bogart, Gutter Boys Production Assistant

Meet Nick Bogart, the subdued, analytical Production Assistant at Cincy Gutter Boys who's been on board since April 2021.

Before Nick donned the gutter-loving cape, he had a past life in accounting. Yes, you read that right – from crunching numbers to conquering gutters, Nick's career trajectory took an unexpected turn. And boy, are we glad it did!

Nick's favorite core value is "Be Positive," and let us tell you, he lives and breathes it. Although his introverted personality does not exude infectious optimism like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day – His ability to roll with the dynamics of the team, changing customer needs, and the Cincinnati weather (all with a positive attitude) sets up the team to win and is the foundation behind our customer service model.

But Nick's talents and charm don't stop at work.

He's also an avid sports fan and proud pet-parent to his beloved cat, Cool Rick. Cool Rick isn't just a cat; he's a feline legend. Together, Nick and Cool Rick make quite the dynamic duo. Nick's journey from the world of accounting to the world of gutters is a testament to the power of following your passion and staying positive along the way. He's not just a Production Assistant; he's an important part of the Cincy Gutter Boys Family. Cool Rick approves, and so do we!