Nick Lutkenhoff – Box Gutter Team Lead

Nick Lutkenhoff, Box Gutter Expert

Meet Nick Lutkenhoff, the Box Gutter Team Lead at Cincy Gutter Boys,

a true master of his craft since November 2019. Nick's journey to becoming a key player in the box gutter world was rooted in Carpentry.

Before he joined our gutter-loving crew, Nick was a past project manager and lead carpenter at Housing Opportunities of Northern Kentucky (HONK). He brought his extensive expertise in remodeling, new construction, and the art of giving existing homes a new lease on life. With over 20 years of experience under his belt, Nick is like the Yoda of carpentry, a true Jedi when it comes to the re-building and construction of box gutters.

But what sets Nick apart is not just his carpentry prowess

it's his attention to detail that's truly awe-inspiring. He leaves no gutter unexamined, no problem unsolved, and no detail untouched. His commitment to quality is unmatched, making every project he tackles a work of art.

Nick brings a refreshing dose of discernment and a diverse set of skills to our construction business at Cincy Gutter Boys. Whether it's overseeing a project or leading his team, he approaches every task with passion and determination. Nick’s favorite core value is “Others First”, and his actions speak louder than words. He values the Golden Rule in his personal life and his work life. He embodies the very essence of what makes Cincy Gutter Boys great – a dedication to excellence and a commitment to delivering outstanding quality.

So, whether you have box gutter needs that require a master's touch, or if you simply want to be inspired by a true craftsman, Nick is your man. He's more than a Box Gutter Team Lead; he's a construction virtuoso, a problem-solving wizard, and a testament to the outstanding talent here at Cincy Gutter Boys.