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Darien, Gutter expert

Being behind the scenes can feel like a thankless job, which is why we want to take a moment to show appreciation for one of our front line employees: Darien Foster.  

On the Job

As of next month, Darien has been with Cincy Gutter Boys for three years! 

In her role as a Customer Service Lead, you’ll find Darien answering the phones, fielding gutter questions, and helping customers check one more thing off of their to-do list. Many of our customers have come to know Darien by name. They know exactly who to speak to when there’s a problem with their gutters and they look forward to hearing from her when it’s time to schedule their gutter cleaning. 

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Off the Job

In or out of the office, the most common question Darien gets asked is how to spell her name, (D-A-R-I-E-N).  But she is really hoping you’ll ask about her adorable nephew. You should know that in addition to being a proud aunt and gutter expert, Darien is also a talented singer. Last but not least, in a completely unofficial office poll, Darien was voted to have the best hair.

We asked Darien what she loved most about working at Cincy Gutter Boys. She said the environment and the employees. Employees like Darien are what make the environment at Gutter Boys different from your average gutter cleaners.  Thank you Darien for making our office a friendly and encouraging place to work!

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