Seamless Gutters are an excellent gutter system

As you begin your outdoor projects this spring, you will probably need to perform driveway maintenance, clean up your roof, and complete other general maintenance tasks following a long winter. As you make your plan to repair old gutters, however, consider an update. The weight of snow can be a burden on even the newest gutters, so it is important to keep your gutters in prime condition to prevent future leaks and damage. Seamless gutters might just be the long-term maintenance solution you have been searching for.

What are seamless gutters?
Originally, gutters were manufactured in pieces, which were then attached together during installation. This was the preferred method because it allowed the manufacturers to sell these gutters in mass quantities, and the gutter installation companies simply used the amount specific to the house. Despite the ease of manufacturing, however, these gutters were prone to leaks. Seamless gutters are a uniform alternative to these original models, in which the gutter material is molded and installed as one piece.

What are the benefits of seamless gutters?
Again, gutters with seams are more prone to leaks. Seamless gutters, apart from seams at the corners of the roof, are entirely seem-free. This significantly reduces leakage. Gutters with seams are also more prone to blockage, as the ridges along the bottom of the inside of the gutter can back up water and debris. Without seams, the gutter no longer has these ridges.

How should I take care of my seamless gutters?
As with any type of gutter, diligent cleaning is a must. Gutters should be cleaned at least twice per year in order to avoid buildups of mold, scum, and debris. During the year, small leaves and twigs can get stuck in your gutters, preventing them from working at their best. Fortunately, the smooth surface of a seamless gutter is easier to clean than gutters with seams. Keeping up this maintenance routine will keep your new gutters at their best for years to come. If you are hesitating on the best cleaning methods, consider hiring a professional to get your gutters cleaned.

Be sure to speak with your local gutter installation professional to select the best gutters for your home's needs. Also keep in mind that seamless gutters are available in a variety of materials, such as aluminum and copper. When it becomes seemingly impossible to repair old gutters, replacing them with seamless gutters might be the answer.

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