3 Gutter Upgrades to Consider this Summer

We recently came across this article from the folks over at Kings of Clean, and thought it would be useful information to share. The consequences of clogged gutters is definitely something to be concerned about, and it’s helpful to review how those consequences can lead to bigger issues.

Mold Growth: When water accumulates on the roof and in the gutters, mold can grow easily. While the mold starts on the outside of the home, it can easily spread to the inside.  

This is one of the more underlooked effects of clogged gutters. When your home’s drainage system is compromised, the water spreads inside. Usually, this isn’t a dramatic leak, at least not at first. But the slow drip drip drip of minor leaks into the wall’s interior of your home, and this leads over time to the kind of more insidious damage. Mold is slow to start, usually only presenting as a few small spots on your walls, possibly missed if you’re unfortunate enough to have it show up behind furniture or on a more unlit portion of an interior wall. Over time, though, mold not only damages your home’s construction, but the release of mold spores into your home’s air can lead to lasting health risks for you and your family.

Basement Flooding: Clogged gutters are unable to handle rainfall. So, the water essentially runs off of the roof and onto the ground. This standing water then accumulates around the foundation and can end up in your basement.

This is probably one of the more dramatic effects of gutter issues. As noted, the water that pools by your home due to incorrect drainage seeps into your homes foundation and leads to flooding. A flooded basement is bad enough. It can lead to damage for any appliances you have in your basement such as a hot water heater or washer and dryer, as well as water damage for any other items you have stored there. As above, the presence of water also increases the risk for mold damage to spread through your home. But this is just the visible effects of flooding, if your gutters are causing this flooding, it can slowly erode away at the soil around your foundation. You may not spot this erosion right away, but it can cause significant expense over the long term as your home sustains foundation damage.

These are just some of the issues that can come from clogged gutters. We’re happy to report that we’re working with Kings of Clean to offer complete gutter cleaning services for your home or business in the greater Cincinnati area. Call us today!

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