Tre Stuck, Gutter Boys

Meet Tre Stuck, the Sales Manager with a heart of gold at Cincy Gutter Boys.

Tre joined our gutter-loving crew in December 2021, and since then, he's been making waves in the world of gutters, one customer at a time.

Tre's journey to Cincy Gutter Boys is like something out of a construction fairy tale. He hails from a family-owned construction business, which means he practically has sawdust running through his veins! As a sales manager, Tre's secret sauce is simple yet effective: he recommends gutter solutions that he would personally trust in his own house. That's right – Tre treats every customer's gutter like it's his own, ensuring that only the best solutions are on the table.

With a background in construction and an unwavering commitment to top-notch customer service, Tre doesn't just meet expectations; he catapults over them with ease. But here's the best part – Tre doesn't just sell gutters; he forges genuine connections along the way. He's not just in the gutter business; he's in the people business, and that's what makes him a true gem at Cincy Gutter Boys.

Outside of the gutter world…

Tre is a sports fanatic through and through. He not only loves the game but also has a knack for rallying others and turning them into champions. It's not just about winning on the field; it's about winning in life. This winning attitude isn't confined to the stadium; it extends to his role as a great father to his kids, where he imparts valuable life lessons and cheers them on in their own endeavors.

Tre Stuck is the kind of guy who can turn even the rainiest day into a sunny one with his infectious enthusiasm. He's more than a sales manager; he's a gutter guru, a people person, and a sports superfan all rolled into one.

Tre's here to make your gutter dreams come true, one friendly smile at a time! Click or call for an appointment!