What Does It mean? Identifying Possible Symptoms of Gutter Issues

Issues with your gutters aren’t easy to identify, at least not early on. The sooner you identify issues, the less damage they can do making it cheaper to repair in the long run. Unfortunately, gutter problems rarely advertise themselves with a call to your cell phone and offering introductions. Instead, learn to watch for these smaller signs that will give you an early indication of what’s going on. Being attentive to these small changes around your home or business will give you an edge on keeping your property in good repair.

Mold on siding or peeling paint- The walls of your home or business may develop small patches of mold or peeling paint. This could indicate small leaks developing in your gutters that drain directly onto your walls. Keeping your walls clean with regular power washing will be helpful in properly identifying when these issues begin.

Leaks in your basement- The entire point of your gutters is that they are supposed to divert water draining off of your roof away from your building. If the gutters are not operating correctly, water may drain directly next to your walls, leading to water building up along your foundation which may lead to leaks in your basement. Ideally, you’ll spot this early on because eventual foundation damage can get extremely expensive to repair. You may not see the leaks or water directly, but notice a build up of mildew in your basement indicating the occasional presence of unexpected water.

Unusual bird or other animal activity - Is this a home or a zoo? It might be difficult to tell the difference if you’re noticing an unusually high level of animal activity on your roof. This may describe a number of squirrels running back and forth along your roof edge randomly disappearing from sight, or birds sitting inside your gutters themselves. Depending on where you live, you might even see swarms of small lizards running along your gutters at times. Regardless of the critters involved, this could be an unwelcome sign of blockages in your gutters. Standing water might attract these animals as a drinking source, or a buildup of twigs and leaves may be providing some limited shelter. This can be a serious issue as it’s a problem that feeds back upon itself. The animals attracted by your blocked gutters may bring more debris with them making the blockages worse.

Mildew in the attic/ceiling- If your gutters are backed up they may cause standing water to seep into your roof. This will lead to mildew or leaks in your ceiling or attic. Essentially, this is a mirror of the same issue happening in your basement. Again, it is incredibly important that regardless of the cause you respond to the issue as soon as you spot it because the ongoing damage to your roof this can cause can swiftly become expensive.

The biggest trouble with some of these symptoms is that they may have several different causes. It is important to reach out to experienced professionals to help verify the cause of these issues and pursue the appropriate repairs. Call us today to provide swift and complete assistance.

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