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When to convert your box gutters

Box gutters can be a beautiful accent to your home, but they without proper care, they can be expensive to repair or replace.  In most cases, it is more economical to repair your existing box gutters than to replace them.  However, if the framing on your box gutters has suffered damage, this is a good time to decide whether to rebuild new box gutters in a similar style, or replace them with something more modern.

Here are four common reasons homeowners choose to convert their box gutters.

Preventing Water Damage

Because box gutters are built into the home, they can provide a direct route for water to get into the home as well. Properly maintained box gutters should not cause problems, but if your gutters are in disrepair, your home is at risk. Alternatively, K-Style gutters are separate structures attached to the outside of the home. Without proper maintenance, there is still a risk of water damage, however the extent of the damage is typically less severe.

Different Aesthetics

Box gutters are beautiful but they aren't for everyone. Homeowners that prefer a more modern look typically select "K-Style" gutters (also known as ogee gutters) which are named for how the look when viewed from the side. K-Style gutters are what you see on most newly built homes today.

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To Save Money

By design, box gutters are more complicated than K-Style gutters.  They require more maintenance and are more expensive to repair they become damaged. If the framework of box gutters is damaged beyond repair, re-building is usually the most expensive option.

No governing local regulations

Box gutters are most often found on historic homes, it is important to factor in local regulations that govern the modification of historic homes. Historic districts often have requirements that require structural elements, like box gutters, to be repaired or rebuilt in a manner that matches the character of the original design.  If your neighborhood does not permit converting box gutters, you can learn more about rebuilding them in this article.

If you plan to convert your box gutters, be prepared for the extensive work that is required. We begin by removing the box gutter framing from the home and installing new framing. Before the new gutters are installed, the roof is extended to cover the space that was formerly occupied by box gutters. There are many elements involved in properly converting box gutters, which is why you should hire an experienced professional for the job.

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