3 Gutter Upgrades to Consider this Summer

Gutter guards are probably the biggest change that have come in the gutter business in a long while. And they are so often advertised as a miraculous invention that will lead to you never touching your gutters again.

While gutter guards can certainly be helpful, they are not a solve all solution to all your gutter problems. There are a number of things that can still come up with gutter guards that require regular inspections.

Probably the most common issue with gutter guards is that smaller debris still gets through. Pine needles in particular are notorious for getting through lower cost gutter guards and clogging up your gutters. Plant seeds of all kinds can usually get through these lower cost gutter guards. There’s still an advantage to these guards though, as they will block larger objects such as twigs and leaves that are more likely to cause blockages. This means that you won’t have to clean out or inspect your gutters near as often.

Another common cause of issues that can arise with gutter guards is that small animals may cause damage to them. Birds may be attracted to seeds or bugs that get caught in finer gutter screens, and in the process of trying to feed may cause damage to the guards themselves. Rodents such as mice or squirrels may also chew at gutter guards. This is particularly an issue with gutter guards made from a lower cost material like vinyl or plastic. Pay close attention to animal activity around the house, particularly if you are seeing birds or rodents on or in your gutters.

Finally, gutter guards will only work as well as the gutters they are attached to. Even a top of the line gutter guard like our AWA Standard gutter guards will not work if the gutters themselves begin to sag or come loose from the roof. Cheaply installed gutter guards will also give you what you pay for. You can certainly save some money by installing gutter guards yourself, but if they aren’t installed properly due to a lack of experience they won’t protect your gutters as designed.

Gutter guards are a fantastic tool in ensuring your home or business gutter system is working properly. Having professional help to ensure they are properly installed and maintained will go a long way to giving you a long and satisfying experience with the product. 

Update September 2020:  We’re always looking for the best methods and products to serve our customers.  We no longer offer AWA gutter guards, but we think you’ll be more than pleased with our latest selection.  Check them out here

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