Clean and clear rain gutters offer multiple benefits for your home, but sometimes nature steps in the way. Having your gutters cleaned regularly only goes so far when critters decide to make a home of your gutters and downspouts. Any type of infestation can cause your gutters to sustain damage or clog, so it's important to keep an eye out for these pests. So, how can you tell if a pest has made a home in your gutters? Watch for the following signs.

  1. Nests: While gutter cleaning should be done twice per year, sometimes you might notice small concentrations of buildup between cleanings. These bundles of twigs, leaves, and other items may actually be a nest for a number of critters. If you notice one of these, call a professional to have it safely relocated.
  2. Increase In Mosquitos: If your yard is suddenly full of mosquitos, your rain gutters may actually be to blame. Any standing water in your gutters is a breeding ground for mosquito eggs.Regular house gutter cleaning services can keep your rain gutters clear, allowing water to flow away rather than remain stagnant.
  3. Swarms Of Bees: It is usually easy to trace bees back to their hive when they are buzzing around your yard. Watch closely to see if they are swarming around your gutters, disappearing inside. This likely means that they have formed their hive in your gutters or downspouts.
  4. Signs Of Chewing: Once a professional comes to install gutters, you want them to stay like new. If you start to notice worn out spots and holes far before you should be due for new gutter installation, you might have a critter chewing at the sides. Call a professional to confirm the issue.
  5. Small Holes: Noticing small holes in your siding or in other parts of your home? Critters may making their way through the house, forming nests in various places. In this case, it is especially important to call a professional to address the issue safely and thoroughly.

Remember that your local gutter professional is not only available to install gutters, they are also here to maintain them. Keeping pests away from your gutters, and other home exterior features, is important to retain structure. Call your gutter professional for a full inspection and cleaning today.


  1. I have noticed a lot of wasps around my entryway to my home lately. I have looked around the trees and ground but can’t find a nest anywhere. I want to be sure and get rid of them as my kids have some reactions to their stings. You may be right about the gutters, I will have to check there.

  2. Wasps often bore into sofits and support boarding as well. Check for holes in the wood that have wasp traffic coming and going.

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