3 Gutter Upgrades to Consider this Summer

Spring has sprung! Of course, your home has a number of tasks you’ll want to check off your list with this change of season. The brutal weather of winter no doubt left its mark on your home, and spring rains will bring with them new risks. Taking care of these few simple items will ensure you have a long and happy summer with your home.

Plan your landscaping: The plants in your yard are sprouting at this time of year, and now’s the time to start planning out how your landscaping will look for the season. With snow melted, there’s a good chance the grass in your yard is looking a little dour, but it will spring loose in no time. Scheduling an aeration for your lawn is a great way to hyper charge your grass to grow. This is a good time to plan placement of new flowerbeds or selecting spots to plant a new tree or two in your yard.

Pressure wash your patio, driveway, and siding: Salt buildup from ice treatments throughout the winter has left its mark on surfaces around your home. What’s more, the sediment and debris that’s built up and been hidden by snow and ice over the winter months is now exposed. A pressure washing service will remove this buildup and leave your patio, deck, driveway, siding, or any other applicable surface looking like new! What’s more, getting a regular pressure washing to remove this debris could help extend the life of these surfaces and reduce maintenance costs later on.

Get a Roof Washing and Inspection: Winter weather has been harsh on your home, and your roof has taken the brunt of it. Now with spring showers on the way, getting a roof washing and inspection will ensure your roof is a key for long term home maintenance. Leaks can be identified and fixed before they become larger issues, and a washing will remove algae and mold buildup that degrades your shingles over time. Again, the time and investment of this work now will prevent trouble later on.

Gutter cleaning and inspection: Of course, our favorite, a gutter cleaning will remove the debris that’s built up in your gutters over the course of the winter months. We’ll clean your gutters both inside and out, as well as inspect it for leaks and ensure the mountings and fascia are in good condition. We’ll evaluate your downspouts and ensure they’re draining properly in a way to protect your landscaping and foundation.

So take advantage of spring as a great time to get started on these and other valuable projects. We work with a number of partners  who help us be able to offer you complete service to complete different projects with just one phone call. Contact us today!

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