What is a Reverse Curve Gutter Guard?

Reverse Curve Gutter Guards, otherwise known as Surface Tension Gutter Guards, are one of the most popular guards that are available on today’s market. These guards are made with a curved sheet of metal or plastic material that are installed onto your existing gutters. The rounded hood of a Reverse Curve guard creates a surface tension, guiding the rainwater downward and through the opening. This allows for the debris to fall off of the edge of your gutters and onto the ground.  


Since Reverse Curve Gutter Guards are more advanced than most guards, they typically come with a warranty after installation (buyer’s always assess your warranty and what it entails). 

Water flows off naturally, causing the debris to fall off of your gutter instead of sitting on top of the guard. 

The reversed curve draws water into your gutter and keeps large debris out. 



The Reverse Curve guard is one of the more expensive guards because it calls for a professional installation. 

These guards are noticeable from the ground and can reduce a home’s curb appeal. 

While larger debris falls right off of the roof, smaller debris such as pine needles and seedlings can fall through the hood’s opening. 

Bees and other pests are also known to fly into the opening and build nests inside.

There are many different options available for you to choose from when you are deciding whether guards are right for you or not. Always remember that there are not guards available to date that keep absolutely everything out of your gutters. You will need to continue to have your gutters regularly maintenance to keep them in great working order. You can have this performed by your local professionals, like the Cincy Gutter Boys, based on how often you need it. Good luck with your guard search! 

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