What are your gutters telling you?

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Unsightly streaks are signs of a more severe problem that can't wait.






Just like your patio furniture and siding, your gutters are constantly exposed to the elements. Over time, sediment, sap, pollutants, and allergens build up resulting in gutters that are just plain dirty.

Dirty gutters start as an eyesore, but, without proper maintenance, they are a sign of a bigger problem.

Where do tiger stripes come from?

That sounds like the opening of a joke, but we can assure you, grungy gutters are nothing to laugh about. Believe it or not, those gross streaks on outside of your gutters have a name:

tiger stripes.  

Tiger stripes occur when water is overflowing your gutters, creating stripes in the dirt just like a kid drawing on a dirty car window. This should be a red flag. Gutters might be overflowing because of a blockage, incorrect slope, or even animal infestation.  

Best way to clean outside of gutters

To be clear, stripes on your gutters should not be ignored or postponed. Many people underestimate the significance of overflowing gutters. The longer you wait to have the issue addressed, the bigger the problem becomes.  Instead of cleaning off some dirt, you could be battling a flooded basement or a leaky ceiling. 

How to get rid of streaks on gutters

You’ve probably guessed that hosing off your gutters will not be enough to resolve the problem behind your tiger stripes.

While you could call a roofer, they may not be as familiar with the inner workings of gutters and jump to more expensive options, such as replacing your gutters entirely.

clean outside of gutters

As your local gutter experts, our team can easily diagnose the underlying cause of your gutter issues. In many cases, we can fix it without resorting to complete gutter replacement. And yes, we will wash the outside of your gutters too.

How to prevent tiger stripes

Hopefully, your gutters are not in a state of emergency.

If that’s the case, but you can’t remember what color your gutters were originally, now is the perfect time to have them polished.

By proactively maintaining your gutters, you can keep the tiger stripes at the zoo and out of your home.

gutter washing service

When you call or text our office to schedule your gutter cleaning, let us know you would like to have your gutters polished as well. We will clean your gutters inside and out, as well as inspect to make sure they are fully functioning.